Portfolio > 2015-2017

In progress / En cours
Coded Stories, Jeanne-Mance Park / Park Jeanne-Mance, Montréal
Textile Object / Objet textile & Performance

I produced another portable vessel that acts as a body accessory for two or a portable sculpture. This one is self-supporting as vests are attached beneath one arm, and allows a greater freedom of movement. I have invited women on a series of walkabouts as we discuss our experiences and concerns as 21st century mothers. These performances take place in the Greater Montreal Area, where statues of women are erected. It is more difficult to find statues of women in comparison to statues of men. These monuments often adopt the tradition of appropriating a woman's body to symbolize other values such as innocence, virtue and peace for example. I am interested in coalescing and contrasting the given values with the said women found in those spaces.